Leather SINS Supports The
Howard Brown Health Center

Leather SINS is a Bronze Sponsor of the Howard Brown Health Center
and is a Member of The Howard Brown Health Center Leadership Council

Leather SINS supports the Howard Brown Health Center by the following means:

  1. Holding an Annual Fundraiser to benefit the Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC)
  2. Raising funds throughout the year with raffles & events
  3. Promotoing HBHC at all Leather SINS Events
  4. Providing Commercail Space at all SINS Events for Howard Brown to perform Health Screening.
  5. Posting HBHC news and events to our members egroup lists
  6. By encouraging people in the lifestyle to donate and support the HBHC

Howard Brown Health Center Vision Statement
Howard Brown Health Center champions the health care and wellness of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in an open, culturally sensitive and affirming environment. We aspire to create an atmosphere where staff and volunteers are consistently challenged to pursue innovative thinking, provide quality service, and where leadership and responsibility are valued. As part of a progressive integrated delivery system, we will set the pace as a leading provider of wellness care, preventative services, health care, psychological services, social services, and biopsychosocial research for the gay, lesbian bisexual, and transgender community.

History of the Howard Brown Health Center
Howard Brown Health Center is the premier healthcare organization in the Midwest specializing in the unique medical and psychosocial needs for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Named after the openly gay physician who became the first public health administrator in New York City, the Center focuses on quality, nonjudgmental health services to all who enter through our doors.

Founded in 1974, Howard Brown Health Center originally served as an alternative for the gay community to receive confidential testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. With the onset of AIDS, Howard Brown was the first community-based agency in Chicago to respond, including the introduction of the first AIDS hotline in the Midwest. Howard Brown Health Center has also been on the forefront of medical research. In 1983, Howard Brown was chosen by the National Institute of Health to participate in the largest study of HIV and AIDS in the world. Nationally recognized for its cutting-edge work, Howard Brown has also been involved in the development of the Hepatitis B Vaccine, which is now part of the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule of childhood vaccines.

Today, Howard Brown Health Center remains the leading provider of services for meeting the challenges of HIV/AIDS in the Midwest. Yet, we have continued to be on the forefront of medical and psychosocial services to the LGBT community. Howard Brown offers a comprehensive range of services for men and women including:

* Comprehensive medical services for both men and women
* Laboratory and diagnostic services
* Reproductive health/family planning (including Alternative Insemination)
* Nutritional counseling
* In-house Walgreens Pharmacy
* Individual and Group Counseling
* Education and Outreach
* Youth Services, including the Youth Drop-In Clinic and counseling
* Research
* HIV/AIDS services including anonymous HIV and STD testing

As medicine continues to make advances, Howard Brown Health Center plans to be there, whether it is developing it or administering it.

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